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Google Maps Reviews

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  • used car purchase

    best used car experience ever, i have never known an honest used car dealer till this place .everthing was upfront,i had the car checked out before i bought it. Midtown corrected the problems that my mechanic found.. i knew i was buying a cheap used car i expected problems have had none so far its 3 months I knew up front if i had any problems i was told to take it back to Midtown they would provide parts at cost and only charge me $50.00 an hour. as you know that is unbelievable sure makes me feel safe ,if i could give them 6 stars i would ..Alan and Kevin went out of their way to help me... More...
    (Car Dealers, Mechanics, Auto General - Sponsored by HYUNDAI)
    Alan1's Picture   Alan1    0 Comments   Comments
  • Ammaiiyappar Restaurant,Karur,Tamil nadu,India

    Hi, On 13.06.2015,I had requested for the edit of my place(Ammaiiyappar Restaurant,Karur,Tamilnadu,India) as open and got confirmation from your team on 15.06.2015 as it was published. Today to my shock i noticed that again my place was updated as permanently closed. Can you support to know the reason on why the edit was changed as permanently closed after getting correctly published on 15.06.2015. Kindly do the needful. Regards Rudhree Ammaiiyappar Restaurant, Karur Mail - More...
    Rudhreeswaran's Picture   Rudhreeswaran    0 Comments   Comments
  • Google Maps cost me $$$!

    What is up with Google Maps??? The quality has seriously deteriorated. I have used Maps for a while with no issues but now... I'm disgusted by it. The past two days the verbal instructions don't tell me what to do in time (used to be a mile or two ahead of time on the freeway, now it's less than 800 ft. Not cool! Great way to promote asinine driving! Even worse, got LOST with Maps ON and then ended up on a toll road (NO PRIOR WARNING or alternate route) that cost me $13.79. Terribly unhappy! Everything Maps used to do isn't being done now. More...
    JPAres1's Picture   JPAres1    0 Comments   Comments
  • Injectables, Skincare and Cosmetic Surgery

    Graper Cosmetic Surgery is the place to go for your beauty "fix"! A wonderfully personable staff and a wealth of knowledge and skill all individualized to your needs and comfort level. They strive to exceed expectations at every opportunity and I've never been disappointed. I would not hesitate to send all my family and friends to check them out and see what they offer. If you are interested in making improvements of any kind to your face or body; this is the place to go ! More...
    (Medical, Dental Services)
    BeenThere2's Picture   BeenThere2    0 Comments   Comments

    See Knocklyon Road in Templeogue, Dublin, Ireland. You have it incorrectly labelled: 1-4 Ballycragh you had it right before. I advise fix it before it goes viral! this is not a minor little tiny road but a very busy key suburban road. now MAP is corrupt. Did ye get hacked? this is causing disruption with your users as they don't know where to go! very bad PR for Google Maps! I would advise users NOT to use or depend on Google Maps at the moment as it is corrupt and one cannot depend on it. Google - please don't go into developing drones or driverless cars if... More...
  • Complaint

    This is to inform you that our structures are prior to 1959 and 1961 its shows at present but not shown in some previous year on Google earth, please guide us how it could happened. There are some mistake in satellite earth image which is not reflecting existence of my structures though they are in existence prior to 1959 as per the plans issued by the state government authorities . so kindly you are requested to correct your Google earth image as my structures are reflected in the plan issued by Govt. Authorities in the year 1959 as well as 1961 More...
    Kiru123's Picture   Kiru123    0 Comments   Comments
  • Google map needs revisiting / correcting

    I entered 510 Superior ave. Newport beach, CA It gave me three options, the first was a toll road, which I did not want the second one was 405 north. It said go 405 North and exit /e 17th.... Guess what this is as incorrect as incorrect can be. Now the third was the correct direction 405 to 55 south .... I missed an important doctor's appointment, going all the way to Long beach instead. Thanks a lot. This is not the first and I am never going to use this. More...

    Our business id located at 3445 Collins Ave. Richmond, CA 94806 and our company name is Budget Self Storage. Everyday at least 5 times a day there are big rigs coming onto our property. Our property is not equipped for big rigs, so once they come on our property, it's almost impossible for them to not damage our property trying to get out. The 2 main companies that these big rig companies are looking for is a winery at 3463 Collins Ave. Richmond, CA 94806 and Durkee and Drayage at 3655 Collins ave. Richmond, CA 94806. Every time I have asked the driver's why they keep coming... More...
  • Custer Crazy Horse Campground

    A wonderful RV park in the hart of the Black Hills astounding attractions. We stayed for a week and extended to have more fun. Made great friends left and right and we will be back. After a severe storm had done damage a few years ago they have a clean, well kept rustic attraction that keeps clients returning every year to include us and our family. More...
    tugboat's Picture   tugboat    0 Comments   Comments

    Much to my horror; I was in the city (I live in a rural area, and travel to the city often) and discovered while driving my reliable, 'second brain' google maps voice assistant was NOT available. I almost had an accident as I tried to quickly figure out where the directions were. Having to enter where you are is ridiculous; google knows where I am; not being able to use my voice activitated command to enable the voice direction was a risk to not only my safety, but everyone around me! WHY HAS THIS BEEN CHANGED? I am forty-five years old; a professional that has to travel often... More...
    (Mobile Phones)
    Samantha7777's Picture   Samantha7777    0 Comments   Comments
  • Google Maps Gettysburg Battlefield

    I am try to research the Gettysburg Battlefield. I think you would agreee that might be something important you could do with Google Maps. Its a mess people post pictures anywhere they want, the monuments are not marked clearly.IF I try to loose all the junk advertising then I have no markers of interest. Because the battle covered such a large area and lasted several days ,its extremely hard to put it all together and you would think Google Maps would help. Only if you want to go on a several hour scavenger hunt, This must be a common problem across all other uses of Google Maps other than... More...
    (Education, Schools)
    surferstevens's Picture   surferstevens    0 Comments   Comments
  • Map Misdirections

    Hello Google, I have been using Google maps to find places and get directions for over 5 years and loved it for most of that time. Lately (last year) Google has made so many changes to please it's advertisers that you now have made it almost impossible to find what I am looking for. For the most part, I have switched to Yahoo maps, Mapquest & others and only use Google Maps when I forget that it is broken. *PROBLEM:* After I typed in Mountain View Park, Santa Clarita, CA & hit enter, you gave me 450 other things with the *item I searched for hidden somewhere in that... More...
  • Google maps review

    MY business name is being used illegally and be claimed on google maps by another florist. I own Melbourne City Florist the florist Collins place flowers has claimed by business name my pictures and my reviews from my customers I want this removed and my own phone number and correct business address put back in. my email address is and my conmtact number in melbourne is 9602 2444 please see to this urgently. More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
  • Google maps is dangerous

    Please don't use google maps for anything important. They will lead you astray, and possibly into dangerous parts of as town. A year ago they left my wife & me 1/2 mile east of the US capitol when we were looking for the IMAX theater (that turned out to be in the Smithsonian on the Mall!) Maybe we should have known that,but the point is, we're tourists. Tonight they directed us exactly opposite to a restaurant we were trying to find in Bilbao Spain. Fortunately, we asked at our hotel's desk before leaving. The clerk easi;y corrected Google, otherwise, who knows... More...
    clwinnnn's Picture   clwinnnn    0 Comments   Comments
  • wisley gardens

    yesterday i was taking afriend to Wisley Gardens. I went on google map and they directed me to FARNBOROUGH!!!!! I thought that wasnt right as I had been before and it was just of the A3. Fortunately my friend knew exactly where it was and it wasnt FARNBOROUGH not even close. Google has confused Wisley airdrome with RHS Wisley. Get it RIGHT More...
    willow50's Picture   willow50    0 Comments   Comments
  • Google map mistakes

    I am a 75 year old disabled vet in declining health and physical fitness. I own a 5 acre parcel and a small house in Joshua Tree CA. It is about 1 ¾ miles from the main highway up gravel roads that are fairly well maintained by the property owners in the area. If I am ever injured or suffer some major physical calamity like a heart attack or a life threatening injury, unless I am personally able to call for emergency assistance and tell the people how to find me, say I suffer a stroke and can dial but cannot speak, or if someone finds me and calls for help for me and I am... More...
    h828man's Picture   h828man    1 Comments   Comments
  • Street Views of New Mexico and Arizona

    Where do I begin, I was doing a virtual tour from Wichita Kansas to Santa Monica California, when I got into Tucumcari,NM all the way to the Arizona, California state line on Interstate 40 westbound is where the troubles began. There was only spotty coverage, and in Arizona nearly the entire stretch of the westbound lanes of I-40 wasn't either covered or it had potty coverage. There was a 13 mile stretch from the New Mexico, Arizona state line to exit 339 where street view was available but all I saw was a mud covered light. Another example was a complete stretch from Winslow to... More...
    (Internet - Sponsored by DIRECPATH)
  • Consistently Wrong Directions

    Since google is apparently so afraid of receiving complaints, because there is no way that I have found to contact someone directly, I am using this site to hopefully address my complaint. I am a business owner and I use google maps everyday to get around to my clients homes. However, there have been numerous times where google has led me to a wrong address, seriously affecting my work and deeply inconveniencing my clients. Today I was misdrected by google maps to an address that was not even close to the original address, which made me 1 hour late to my appointmet. Of course I made sure to... More...
    (Internet - Sponsored by DIRECPATH)
  • Google Maps gives me wrong directions all the time!

    Since google is apparently so afraid of receiving complaints, because there is no way that I have found to contact someone directly, I am forced to complain on this forum. I am a business owner and I use google maps everyday to get around to my clients homes. However, there have been numerous times where google has led me to a wrong address, seriously affecting my work and deeply inconveniencing my clients. Today I was misdrected by google maps to an address that was not even close to the original address, which made me 1 hour late to my appointment. Of course I made sure to type the... More...
    (Internet - Sponsored by DIRECPATH)

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Google Maps Comments

hillbillie414 says: (4 years ago)
You people at Google maps need to fix your system because when I type in to go to quiet trail, Soddy tn it tells me that doesn't exist when my granny lives there.

MARYAS says: (6 years ago)
Why on earth U GOOGLE falsify the history? Stop distortion!!! PERSIAN GULF IS ALWAYS "PERSIAN" GULF

googlesucks says: (6 years ago)
google maps SUCKS! You have made me late to more appointments than i care to remember. Sometimes i have to miss an appointment completely. I can hardly believe the outrageous places i have ended up in as a result of this horrible service. I am not going to use it anymore. I am so relieved to see that other people on this site have the same experiences as me. Google obviously doesn't care if it provides people with sucky service. You people are morons and i hope you lose all of your users !

jandj9 says: (6 years ago)
I have been attempting to get a bad situation resolved for the past few YEARS but nothing is ever done. My subdivision is Buckhorn Estates, near Ellijay, GA at 30540. Your map of that entire area is completely incorrect. All the streets are misnamed and you show streets where golf paths exist. Your information to TomTom GPS units show my address to be about ten miles in the wrong direction, and my package shipments are always getting lost. If you would refer to Map Quest's coverage of that area you would see all of your mistakes. Please make some attempt to correct all those errors.

dawncharriseo says: (6 years ago)
Wrong directions to Birth to Three Developmental Center at 35535 6th Place SW in Federal Way Washington. It gets you off on 320th instead of 348th or Enchanted Parkway exit off of I 5. Coming from the North or South we are off of 356th St not 320th Street. Please correct this.

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